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Perfect Pleasure: The Sweet Spot, #1

Length: 137 pages2 hours


Explore the fictional coastal town of Port Clef, Connecticut, where the unexpected always happens.

Lust grabs Damien Beauvais the first time he sees Cassie Reid standing on the beach. He hasn’t reacted so strongly to a woman in three years, not since the incident that changed his life.

From the moment Cassie meets Damien in his aunt’s bakery, fantasies of the two of them together fill her mind. When a romantic dinner produces a sexy kiss, Cassie is sure Damien is the man for her.

But Damien still carries demons from his past. It will take all of Cassie’s love to prove to him that they belong together.

Delve into the entire Sweet Spot series by The Sizzling Scribes: Arianna Hart, Diana Hunter, Lynn LaFleur, Ruby Storm, and Tara Nina.

(An erotic romance, approximately 32,000 words. Contains male/female sex scenes.)

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