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Stepping Stones to Injustice

Length: 793 pages14 hours


In the sequel to When Death condemns the soul, join James Bonham, Joseph Greene, Humphries, and Detective Rojas as they will team up with three female agents to clamp down on a terrorist plot that they believed was overcome in the original story. After the death of the President and most of the Senators, a new president enlists the aid of the group to track down the terrorists that are responsible for many of the deaths experienced around the world. Using their knowledge and skills to remain alive, the agents have to divide into two groups to uncover a plot that is so devious that it takes them to the ruins of Peru, Scotland, and also to the Tower of London in England. Will they succeed and bring the men and women to justice that are responsible, or will they fail and unleash an evil on the world that is so sinister that no one can be trusted.

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