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A Race Between Time and Money: Domino’s Quest for Retirement Wisdom

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When Domino starts talking about retiring, his wife of thirty years gets nervous.

After all, they’ve never come up with a plan for retirement, and so they seek advice from their longtime friend, Jim. He gets them thinking about key issues, such as health care costs, lifestyle changes, and tax implications.

So begins Domino’s quest for wisdom to discover whether or not he can stop working. Like so many others in the same situation, he seeks to answer questions such as:

Will I run out of money before I run out of time?
What are the best ways to build and preserve wealth?
What can I do to maximize the value of my Social Security benefits?
How can I minimize taxes when passing down money and real estate?

As he digs deeper, he learns that he’ll need to make the right moves to enjoy retirement while leaving a lasting legacy for his heirs and loved ones. That’s the only way to win A Race between Time and Money.

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