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When Death Condemns the Soul

Length: 665 pages11 hours


A small town is thrown into turmoil when employees at one of the chocolate factories discover a body in the warehouse. The death would be seen as strange, because unknown to anyone, the man had perished from a deadly virus that had been unleashed on the citizens by a terrorist cell in the area. The cell will stop at nothing destroy America and their capitalist agenda. They also want to stop the influence of prosperity around the world. Christian ways of life are threatened with no remorse. Enlisting the aid of an agent from the counter-terrorist unit, a renowned psychic, a former hitman for the mafia, and detectives that are involved in the investigation, they work to discover who is behind the plot, and then destroy the virus before it could destroy the nation. Racing against time, the group is thrown into a life-and-death situation and the question is asked. Will they succeed or perish? Will the White House hinder the plans they have to bring the criminals to justice? Only time will reveal the answer.

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