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Consciousness Source of Creation, Spirituality & Eternal Life

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An explanation is provided for our creation, spiritual reality and purpose in life. Out of body experiences during near death experiences indicate that our consciousness exists independently of the body. It implies that we are part of and created by God’s consciousness. Our spirituality and soul are a part of his consciousness. Hence, we are spiritual beings living a mortal life. Due to our free will, we can make good and bad choices. Our purpose on earth is to test and develop our spiritual and moral worth, in order to become worthy of God’s love. In effect, our life on earth is a morality play. On earth, we live in a one dimensional system called time. When we pass over after the demise of our body, we remain as part of God’s consciousness. At that time, we live in a three dimensional system consisting of the past, present and future. We will review our former life on earth, judge our behavior, and feel the pain that we may have caused others.

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