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God's Little Book of Poems to Inspire

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“English was never one of my favourite subjects at school and until completing this book I had only written a few poems over the last couple of years. Then, at the beginning of summer 2014, I started getting poems in my mind, and I had to write them down. First I would get a title, then the first verse. I would then start to write. At the beginning of each poem, I would never know how the poem would end. Sometimes I had an idea how they would finish. Friends in the church Janet and Jacqueline gave me great support and encouragement to continue this work. At first most poems did not rhyme, then I got the last two lines to rhyme. The Psalms do not rhyme but they are recognised as the best poems ever written. Then the poems started to rhyme. So in the book you will find rhyming, part-rhyming and non-rhyming poems, I hope you like them all...”

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