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Masked Passions #4: The Woman in Red and the Green Giant Versus Frankenstein

Length: 46 pages34 minutes


Peggy Allen, the Woman in Red, was the very first superheroine.

Brent Wood, the Green Giant, was the star of one of the rarest of all Golden Age comic books.

In Masked Passions #4, they join forces against one of the longest-running Golden Age characters, Dick Briefer's Frankenstein. a character who both is and is not Mary Shelley's creation.

All of these characters have long since fallen into the public domain, which frees them from the restrictions of corporate control.

Once again, Arcadia Berger writes about famous larger-than-life characters who engage in a small amount of modest violence and a large amount of decidedly immodest sex.

They have always been among us, or so they say. They were only shadowy figures, though, until a few years ago, when they began to appear more openly.

Not too openly: they still keep their secrets, covering their faces and using names and costumes out of history and legend (if there is any difference). Some of them claim to actually be the people whose names they use, having stepped out of the mists no older than they were decades or centuries before. Nobody knows quite what to make of claims like those, and the masked ones will only speak in contradictory hints and riddles.

So now we must try to share our world with people like the Black Terror, the Blue Beetle, Phantom Lady, Iron Jaw, Hercules, the Claw, Sir Parsifal, Sheena, Dracula and Captain Nemo.

Not only individuals but entire organizations have appeared, claiming to be heirs, or even survivors, of Nazi Germany, the USSR, the Spanish Inquisition, the Roman Empire, the Caliphate.

Even Nature itself seems to have been affected: the forests are yielding up their Sasquatch, the deserts are overflown by great birds and the lakes are revealing their monsters.

It is almost as though time itself, and physics, have broken down in a way that is terrifying to think about.

The world is a more colorful place than it was a few years ago. More colorful, more dangerous, perhaps literally more mythic, with the masked powers moving among us. Some people would like to find a way to go back to the old days, while others find more beauty and more hope in the new state of affairs.

But whether we like it or not, we ordinary mortals must acknowledge that in many ways the world belongs to the masked ones, and we are only living in it. They set the agenda with their masked faces, their masked powers and their masked passions.

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