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Knock Your Sauce Off: The Greatest Hot Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce, and Salsa Recipes

Length: 45 pages14 minutes


Ranging from mild to blisteringly hot sauces. Here’s a cookbook that's going to punch you right in the mouth. Included are dozens of recipes for homemade pepper sauces salsas and spaghetti sauces. This book will leave you amazed by the fire and vibrancy of your homemade sauces. Range of hot sauces around the world. If you can handle it!

With this guide, you won’t need to go to a restaurant or a grocery store to enjoy great spicy flavors, they’ll be waiting for you right in your fridge. Wipe your brow, chugg water, and help yourself to seconds. Using a variety of chiles and easy-to-find ingredients like vinegar and red pepper flakes, this guide will show you how to prepare your favorite sauces.

Simple, easy to follow recipes that are so delicious you will wonder why you ever bought sauce from the store.

Drizzle Sriracha on everything? Can't eat without Tabasco? Do you have a BBQ sauce dipping Habit?

Then you will love this book.

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