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The Spirits Danced At Midnight

Length: 728 pages12 hours


Five people are given a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to one of the remote islands off the coast of Florida. After they arrive at the home of their host, they are presented with an interesting proposition. They will be given an opportunity to to participate in a game. If they are successful and win, the group will reap the benefits and they can leave the island. If they lose, they willingly give their souls to the owner of the island for the rest of eternity. Unknown to the group members, but their host is the leader of an evil cult that has existed for many centuries. Investigating the island for clues, so they can solve the mystery and win the game, they will accidentally release the spirits of the dead from their eternal bondage. Now that they are facing danger, the group will have to use their talents, faith in God, and trust each other to survive. Will they succeed and destroy the evil possessing the island with their lives intact, or will they perish forever in the attempt?

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