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How to Understand the War of Good Vs Evil: You Can Never Fight God and Win

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A new revision for 2018. This guide and manual, for the components of the holy war that rages, is a "MUST READ" by anyone who struggles with temptation. That covers a multitude of people. David said it best in Psalm 23. "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." When we allow our Good Shepherd to lead us, we are giving Christ the reins on our Spirit trail. When He is the driver, we can never get lost. When He is in control, we leave doubt, worry, fear, sickness, and solitude at the bus stop. If you truly want a better understanding of this ever raging battle, read this book. It will elevate your mode of thinking to reach a higher ground. It is a battle! Ken sufficiently equips us with scripture and doctrine, to be certain we're wearing the best armor God can provide.

Larry “B” Bertram

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