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Things That Go Bump In the Night

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When we were young, we all had something that we were scared of, when the lights went out. The thing that scared me the most was the box of toys stored underneath my bed.
During the day I loved that box, the box that contained all of my favourite toys, the ones that I loved playing with on Saturday mornings, when I had a lie in, when mum gave me breakfast in bed. I can still remember it so clearly, rushing through breakfast as fast as was humanly possible, so mum could take away the tray and replace it with my box of toys from under my bed. Once it was there, safely ensconced on top of the blankets in front of me, I would make my way through it, playing with every one of my toys, oblivious to the world outside. I was so happy.
During the day, I saw my toy box as no threat; it was my best friend. Unfortunately, after dark, when mum had turned off the light in my bedroom, that very same toy box turned into something so scary it had me shaking with fright.

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