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The Special Gift

Length: 16 pages


Three friends, Charlie, Jake and Abbie meet in the park by the picnic tables every week at the same time to play a pretend game in which each of them is a hero. A group of bullies, Sam, Clint, Howie and Jessica start showing up just after the friend get there to harass them and threaten to beat them up. The friends are afraid of them and leave early. Each week, they hope the bullies go away but instead, they get worse. One week, the friend get to the park to find a festively wrapped gift on the picnic table where they sit to plan their game for the day. Looking at it, they find their names on the tag. Lifting the lid, each finds something special that fits with the game they like to play. As soon as each takes their gift from the box, it disappears. When the bullies arrive, they take the friends' gifts from them after harassing them. The next week, the same thing happens. After a few weeks of the same thing, the friends find the gift box but instead of their names, the bullies' names are on it and they can't open it no matter how hard they try. When the bullies come, they are able to lift the lid but soon wish they hadn't.

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