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Bobbie Bumblebee and The Big Bush: Children's Books and Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-8 for Fun Loving Kids

33 pages


Bobbie Bumblebee lives with his very large family in the hive located high up in the oak tree. Today is his first time to show off his flower dance and bring home nectar from the flowers. However, Bobbie is afraid of the enormous butterflies that swarm over the purple butterfly bush near the daylily bed. He wants to bring home some of the special nectar from the butterfly bush but can he overcome his fear of butterflies in order to do so? His father Bill is friends with Mrs. Monarch, the wife of the leader of the butterflies. Can they team up to help Bobbie overcome his fear? Will O.M. Monarch the leader of the butterflies decide to team up to help him with his fear and find out that there is room for all to enjoy the nectar of the butterfly bush.

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