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Jennifer's Lion (Lions of the Serengeti, #1)

55 pages50 minutes


Hopelessly romantic, curvaceous schoolteacher Jennifer White had always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding. When her banker fiancé Seth proposes to her, Jen thinks that dreams really do come true. When Seth reveals himself as a homicidal con artist and dumps her in the heart of the Serengeti during their vacation, she figures that the fairy tales lied. A lot.

Cyeon Rarh is an alpha of an ancient shapeshifter pride. Usually he just gets annoyed when humans carelessly leave stuff in his territory. Cameras, outdoor gear, and occasionally…people. Yeah, don’t they know humans taste terrible? But there’s something intriguing about the sweet Jen with her silky skin, plump breasts and generous hips. His lust burns hot the moment he sees her and claiming her as his own seems to be the most logical thing to do. Once she stops freaking out, of course.



“The author knows how to write hot, descriptive, passionate sex scenes that enthrall and are as scorching as the relentless heat of the Serengeti." Laurie-J, Night Owl Reviews ~ Rated 4/5 Stars

“It almost makes me want to run off to Africa to find one of my own. I absolutely hope more lion shifters come in the future." Xion, The Romance Studio ~ Rated 5/5 Hearts

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