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The Practical Fly Fisher: Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Fly Fishing

545 pages3 hours


Sprinkled in between the fly dressings and tying lessons are hundreds of illustrations drawn by longtime fishing guide Doug Stewart as well as personal stories and anecdotes. These are interesting and informative—each one containing an element of knowledge or instruction that will add to your fishing success.

The book's purpose is to help you become a more complete angler, a better fly tier, and a more successful fly fisher. It covers all aspects of fly fishing: casting, proper equipment, tying flies, reading water, the feeding habits of fish, and the proper strategy for fishing a stretch of river. Also included in the book are traditional and historical flies along with a selection of Doug’s favorite patterns. Dressings and instructions are also presented.

Doug Stewart, a lifelong fly fisher, is also a fly‑tying instructor and guide and a fly shop Format : Trade Paper
owner, and has written about fly‑fishing for The Oregon Sportsman and Amato Publications. Doug spent many years teaching customers how to fly fish during the thirty‑two years he owned Stewart’s Fly Shop. “I think I get more out of teaching someone, out of seeing them be successful or catch their first fish, than I do out of catching my own,” Doug says.

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