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Hadean: Threshold of Extinction

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Spliced in a lab. Grown in a field. An apocalyptic harvest.

For decades scientists have used viruses and bacteria to insert rogue genetic code into our food. Now human DNA is mutating. Is this the next step in evolution or our extinction? Some will commit suicide; others will become homicidal maniacs.

One family.

A mother in the custody battle of her life.
A college graduate whose experiment foreshadows a grisly future
A teen whose final exam won't be in English but in survival

Separated by miles.
Desperate to reunite.

When all hell breaks loose, every block is a gauntlet.

Hadean: Threshold of Extinction is the fist installment of an apocalyptic series. Fans of 28 Days Later and The Crazies will love this disturbing take on the end of the world. Linda Andrews's tale is packed with raw emotion, complex characters, and brimming with thrills from cover to cover.

Order Hadean: Threshold of Extinction and dive into your last meal.

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