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Three: Short Story Collection

78 pages45 minutes


A short story collection by Rod Martinez containing three short stories that will mess with your head:
Fifteen year old Jonathan Torres is an only child, a child who stays at home much of his time, in his room playing and programming computer games. His immensely creative imagination spawns many episodes between he and his games, but sometimes a vivid imagination isn't always a virtue, as Jonathan finds. Treading on the fine line between reality and fantasy, he loses himself in an adventure of dangerous proportions... with his wit and knowledge of the game his only weapons.

A young child reminisces within himself the fun and joys during his brief friendship with Mr. Moore, who has just passed away

Seven year old Andy Meeks is faced with a dilemma. His grandfather lies on his deathbed succumbing to a cancer that slowly eats away. Andy, very emotionally attached to his grandfather, pleads with him to divulge the location of "The Secret Place", a story that he'd recite to the little boy where there was an old man who healed people. Unknown to his parents, the determined child sets off to find the old man and the "Secret Place"... to save his beloved grandfather from a slow, painful death.

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