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My World of Light and Love ... ... by Dawn

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In this engagingly witty, wise, and heartfelt memoir, Dawn Young tells the tale of how a visually challenged girl from Ohio accepted and worked with her disability, earning her Master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, then going on to obtain a degree as an Educational Specialist in Character Education.
Dawn takes the reader on a fun and inspirational ride through her life and times, from her early years in Magnolia, Ohio through her school days, her establishment of a work ethic, and the challenges she overcame during her high school and college days. Partly due to a major decision made by her parents, always knowing her Heavenly Father had a hand in all plans, Dawn embarked on her calling to teach.
With her soul mate and fellow “fun junkie” by her side, she has utilized social media to continue her wonderful journey by launching a children’s book line, Mrs. Good Choice, and holds motivational speaking seminars. In My World of Light and Love ... by Dawn, Young explains her upbeat life philosophy that has kept her resilient and carried her through.

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