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Shattered Dreams

304 pages4 hours


When Tilly steps off the post chaise to begin a new life, the last thing she expects is for her dreams to be shattered in the cruellest of ways. Alone, destitute, and with nowhere to go, she is forced to seek sanctuary at the poor house. Unfortunately, it soon becomes evident that the poor house is the very worst place to be.

Harry simply can't forget the impoverished waif who turns up on his doorstep one evening expecting a job. Not only is she younger than the average housekeeper, but there is something about her quiet elegance and innocent beauty that stirs his soul. Unfortunately, she disappears before he can get to the bottom of the lies and deceit that has turned her world upside down.

When Fate does bring them together again, her dire situation forces him to offer her the help he should have given her the first time round. Can he persuade her to place her future in his hands, in spite of the dangers that lurk around them? Or will he be forever haunted by the one woman who stirs his soul, but may never be his?

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