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Maidens and Myths

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Mt. Olympus will never be the same again ...

PANDORA: Created by the Gods as punishment. It took a goddess to understand that she too was being punished, and a God to unleash the woman she was truly meant to be.

PERSEPHONE: Kidnapped by Hades, she knew that there was more to him than the Lord of the Underworld bit. Underneath his death lord exterior beat a kind and caring heart, as she knew all to well.

PSYCHE: Beloved of Cupid, she wasn't to ever know who her husband was. But she wasn't content to be kept in the dark forever.

CHARON: He had been alone for a long time; then one day a whirlwind of emotion named Ledia demanded that he take her across Styx to meet with Hades, so that she could bargain for her brother's soul. Charon never expected to fall for the demanding minx.

GALATEA. Loved by her creator, she was given life. Unfortunately, the personality had to be worked on a bit.

APHRODITE: It's quite simple exhausting to be the goddess of love. Everyone wants something from her, including the other deities. Yet Aphrodite knows that sometimes a Goddess just has to have some down time.

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