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Not Another Vampire Story: OpenDyslexic Mono Version

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He was mouth-wateringly handsome and suave, sweet and thoughtful, every bit perfect with dark hair and grinning eyes -- but none of it fooled eighth-grade Sylvia. It didn't take a pint of blood for her to know that her sister Julia's new boyfriend Terry was a vampire...

Of course, a trail of sparkling would have helped, but there was none. Full sunlight, garlic bread and functional in all the usual boyfriend-material capacities, it was difficult to detect at first, but yes, Terry was a vampire.

Sylvia knew Julia was in deep trouble. Worse yet, Julia didn't seem to mind.

Reviewed by Kathryn Bennett for Readers' Favorite: 4 Stars
"...engaging, witty, and not afraid to poke a little fun here and there at its own genre..."

New Year Book Review 2014: ". . . just what readers need in the wake of so much vampire fiction. Sakurapu . . . presents an anti-vampire story, one that will entertain readers of all ages. Quick dialog and punchy characters are the essence of this novel that pokes fun at the genre without totally letting go of it."

NOTE: epub Version is the OpenDyslexic Mono Version. .mobi and .pdb Versions may not display correctly.

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