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The Dragon God's Kiss: Book Two of The Valhalla Skies Saga

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She is armed with a power she cannot control and defeated by a love she cannot know.

In this second novel in The Valhalla Skies Saga, Ana Lee Kennedy returns to her magical world of Dragons and Vikings.

When Man and Fae are threatened by the Thorn or Ebon, the goddess Raya sends Ember, a Daughter of Trinity, upon a quest to find and defeat it. Happy to escape the palace walls and anticipating new lovers, Ember embarks on her journey. However, when she meets Sarenkesh, a Gloaming Elf, her power finally manifests. She soon realizes her magic will kill him and is forced to keep her distance from the only man she's ever loved.

In a battle high above the world, Ember draws upon the power of love to fight evil. Tricked by a deity and forced to be a slave to carnal passions, she’s faced with a choice--sacrifice herself for Sarenkesh and the welfare of others, or remain enslaved by a master of fleshly pleasure.

Be sure to read Seduced by the King, Volume One in the Valhalla Skies Saga.

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