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My town, my people

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Galati Mamertino is a small mountain town nestled in the Nebrodi national park, oozing with history from its very walls: and a small part of that history will come to life in “my country, my people”. Through twenty short stories, rich with vivid characters, intoxicating smells and ancient flavors, the author paints a picture of his youth, cleverly moving between fact and fiction. Reading these pages we hear the fragile voice of the South, a voice suffocated by the numbness born of resignation and sadness, but which at the same time speaks of a love of times gone by, of a poor but sanguine land, exhausted and wounded from the plague of poverty, injustice and emigration but still very much alive in the minds and memories of those who left. And those memories lodge in the mind and settle in the heart as an emotional reservoir overflowing with words, thoughts and images of a moment, a day, an era once lived and still able to touch us deeply.

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