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Be Free from Fear

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Do you have one or more fears in your life that are holding you back from doing something you need or want to do?  Do you feel like no one has ever experienced such strong fear before?  Does it seem that you have no choice but to allow your fear to control what you can do, where you can go, or even how much you are allowed to attempt?


“No Fear” may have been a popular brand of clothing, but it doesn’t describe how most of us live.  All of us have experienced fear, and many of us live our lives gripped or controlled by fear on many different levels.


There are so many scary aspects of life that we have come to accept fear as a normal and expected part of it.  But is that the kind of life that God intended for us to have?  Is it even possible to live a lifestyle marked by confidence and courage?  The author shows with examples that living a life of conquered fear is not only possible, with God it can be a slam-dunk.

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