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Valtina's Redemption (The Leather Satchel Paranormal Romance Series, #1)

42 pages30 minutes


A Paranormal Romance Story

***Due to sexually graphic content and language that some may find offensive, this book is intended for mature readers only***

***This book contains approximately 6,000 words***

Couples are no longer able to love each other the way that they should…

Valtina is stuck in The Middle World. The only way to cross to The Afterlife is to change the world…one couple at a time. The real world is in tatters with couples no longer bounded by love.

Valtina’s first assignment is to bring back the love between Samantha and Joshua. The two are stuck in a rut… a marriage without passion. Joshua is nice, sometimes too nice for Samantha’s liking. She shouldn’t be complaining but she is. Sometimes Samantha just wants Josh to ravage her.

Armed with a leather satchel and the ability to influence thoughts, Valtina fixes Samantha and Joshua’s marriage by spicing up the bedroom.

Would she succeed?

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