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Statistics show that Canadian women now outnumber men in buying ahouse or condo. Women see the value in owning property. They are nolonger waiting for, or expecting, a "Mr. Right" to come alongbefore taking one of the key financial steps of their lives. Suchis the case with the author of Home Girls: The Single Woman's Guideto Buying Real Estate in Canada

Brenda Bouw's own experiences in buying and selling real estate,and those of other single women she interviewed for the book--aswell as insights from real estate professionals--are built intothis informative and entertaining guide. If you are looking atbuying a first property, you'll find out about the pitfalls youneed to avoid and the necessary steps you must take to make thatpurchase a success story. If you already own real estate, you mightbe interested in renovating your house, buying an investmentproperty or even becoming a landlord. Here are some of the keyconcepts:
* How to tell if you're ready to own your own home
* What to look for in a house
* The role of a real estate agent
* The offer, the deal, the closing and the aftermath
* The dozens of little expenses that you might not be aware ofbefore it's time to pay for them
* What renovations to tackle yourself, and when it's time to call apro
* How to become a landlord--and if you really want to be one

It is a truism that women tend to be more focused, organized andinformed when it comes to making major purchases. Home Girl is theperfect book to give you an edge when it comes to understanding theprocess and negotiating your best deal. From thinking about buyinga property, to getting the keys from your lawyer and popping thecork, Home Girl is the perfect companion to have along for theride.
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ISBN: 9780470156278
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