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Fate's Demand (Twisted Fate Book 3)

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Finally eighteen, Alyssa Frank has inherited more than the ability to vote. The moment celebrating her birth brought back her memories, reminding her of Death, and tore the barrier time had provided for protection down. Now, as Darkness seeks her, she cannot hide, for where there is light, shadows will dwell.

To keep her safe, the Sisters of Fate demand the Brothers bring Alyssa to Glory Academy in the Celestial Realm. With Suzie at her side, Alyssa trains harder than ever before, and tries to make sense of the role she’s destined to fulfill as the leader of the Pure Souls.

But when a new group presents itself, offering Alyssa the chance to escape her heavenly confinement, will she take it? Who are the Dark Souls, and why haven’t the Brothers heard of them? The more Alyssa discovers, the more questions she has. How do you qualify something so bad when it comes from something so good? And how can she be good if she’s supposed to lead a group so bad?

With both groups vying for her attention, Alyssa isn’t sure she’ll be able to help anyone, including herself.

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