The Smart Investor's Money Machine
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Praise for The Smart Investor's Money Machine

"Kraft writes in a style that is easy to read with attention to a large audience of investors and retirees (current and soon-to-be) that may have avoided some financial market opportunities because of perceived complexities. Bill makes clear sense of investor and retirement income possibilities. Apropos and useful to the financial market today."
Kerry-Ben Kelly, small business owner and friend

"If you liked his first book, you'll love his second. Kraft builds on what the reader learned in his first book by going much deeper into the strategies and by discussing some new products, as well as viewing these from an investment perspective as well as a trading perspective. A must-read if you are serious about wealth accumulation."
Phil Schwegler, Vice President, Investments, Smith Barney

"The Smart Investor's Money Machine is essential reading for investors of all ages. The timeless and tested strategies detailed by Mr. Kraft are well written and logically set forth. Superb information for the investor who desires to learn the intricacies of investing for maximum returns."
Eric Aafedt, Publisher of

Published: Wiley on
ISBN: 9780470473429
List price: $49.95
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