40 cool tricks you can teach your pet! Ever wonder how you can train your dog and other pets to perform amazing tricks like the ones you see on TV? Now you too can impress family and friends with 40 cool tricks that are a cinch to master with your four-legged companions. You'll learn how to teach the basics that every good dog should know: sit, down, come, and stay. Then you'll move onto the classics, like shake and roll over. And if you really want to captivate your audience, you can learn more advanced tricks, like working with props and taking your show on the road to perform at schools, nursing homes, and other pet-friendly venues. Loaded with lots of color photos and friendly information you can trust, theASPCA Kids books were written by animal lovers for animal lovers—just like you.Chapter 1: Getting Started. Teach your animal friend the basic skills he’ll need to know for all the tricks in this book.Chapter 2: The Trick Is in the Click. Learn to use a clicker toy to help your companion understand exactly what you want her to do and know when she’s got it right.Chapter 3: The Magic Touch. Teach your best friend to touch a target or a stick when you ask. This is another tool that will help him learn tricks more easily.Chapter 4: Classic Dog Tricks. Shake, roll over, bow, kiss—these are the tricks we have all seen dogs do. Learn how to teach your dog to do all the classics.Chapter 5: Trickier Tricks. Spin and twirl, hold a stick, and back up are all a little tougher. But your dog is up to the task. You can even teach him the letters of the alphabet.Chapter 6: Spectacular Skits. Put together a few tricks and you’ve got a show. Try shut the door, jump, and doggy basketball.Chapter 7: Fantastic Felines. Of course cats can learn tricks! Teach yours to shake his paw, high-fi ve, sit up, and weave back and forth through your legs.Chapter 8: Down on the Farm. Horses, mules, sheep, goats, cows, ducks, and chickens can all learn tricks. Try the cow bow or the donkey kiss, or teach your chicken to come when you call.Chapter 9: Weird and Wacky. Teach tricks to pet fi sh, turtles, and birds. Have you ever seen a turtle play soccer?Chapter 10: Take Your Show on the Road. Once you and your animal friend have learned an impressive array of tricks, you may want to perform them for other people. Here are some ideas. Resources. About the Authors. About the ASPCA. Index.Kate Eldredge is a high school student who has lived with dogs and an assortment of other animals all her life. She enjoys working with them and has had a great time teaching tricks to all sorts of animals, from her dogs to donkeys to a goat! She thinks tricks are a great way to have fun with your pet and wishes kids everywhere the best of luck teaching their pets.Jacque Lynn Schultz, CPDT, has worked for the ASPCA for more than twenty years. She began as a behavior counselor, then headed the Training and Behavior Department, and is now a senior director in the Community Outreach Department. In her current role, she works with animal shelters across the country to enrich and improve the lives of the animals in their care. Jacque is a popular speaker, an award-winning author, and a certifi ed pet dog trainer. She lives in Brooklyn with Bop, a sassy white cat with orange tabby patches, and Harpo, a blonde Tibetan Spaniel who is a master of many tricks.
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