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Aging Parents - A Guide On How to Care for Aging Parents to Help Them Through Life's Transitions.

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Aging Parents: A Guide on How to Care for Aging Parents.

This is volume 3 in a series of 3 Aging books.

“Aging Parents” is one of the most needed books ever written! With the technical and medical advances of the 21st century, people are living longer and quality of life is more important than ever. Author Kristy Clark has written a powerful book that shares exceptional information on caring for our aging parents. Based on personal experience, she realized that one accident while home alone can result in a life or death moment for our parents. As their children, being vigilant and detailed oriented can help ease the difficult transitions our parents face and even save their lives. From warning signs of health problems to well-being and safety, “Aging Parents” gives the reader everything needed to create a strategic care plan for their aging parents. “Aging Parents” is priceless gems that will help usher in the glorious golden years for which our parents have worked and so well deserve.

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