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A Time Gone By

Length: 206 pages3 hours


In the winter of 1955 Barbara Jourdan, a high fashion New York model, is found brutally murdered in her Texas mansion and all clues point to her mobster husband Danny. Everyone suspects Danny committed the murder, everyone except her younger sister Lora-Lee, who proudly accepts the role as the master sleuth of the family. Lora-Lee loves writing mysteries and solving clues. She follows her gut feelings and is certain there is more to her sister’s murder than meets the eye, so she sets out on a mission of her own which leads her down a path of mystery, intrigue and lies that, in the end, will thrust her into a mystic world she never ever knew existed. Frightened and even more so, amazed by what she’s found out about their family’s “mysterious” and unbelievable secrets dating back to the early 1800’s, Lora-Lee flies out to the family ranch and shares with her grandmother an unbelievable secret that can shake the core of their family. With her voice trembling and hands shaking she says, “Grandmother, what I’ve found out will shake the core of our family”. Suddenly, grandmother turns to Lora-Lee and says, "Nothing you can tell me about the family will surprise me. Lora-Lee asks her grandmother for a piece of worldly advice. Grandmother bulks her eyes and says, “If all the luck you have is bad luck—you’d better check inside your closet for skeletons, for you may discover you’ve been cursed!”

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