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Galen's Child

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They were a circle of three; unbroken by time or space and kept safely for him during the dark hours where only dreams mattered. That night though, his safe world tilted on an uneven axis onto an uncommon, extraordinary path.
Living with her eccentric parents, doing an ordinary job, Rachel had been dreaming of a strange boy all her life. A boy who grew when she did, and who became more familiar to her as the years passed by, until one day the unthinkable happened and she awoke with tangible evidence of her nocturnal visit; stained with the blood of a man who had been dead for over six hundred years...
Signs and signals began to worry Galen and he soon realised that the legend that once changed his life so long ago, was about to transform his daughter’s, yet she knew nothing of its existence; did not realise that the boy she had dreamed of, lived in the middle ages and that her destiny lay with him amidst a clan legend spanning hundreds of years.
Even her safe arrival in that place, though, could not protect her from Madoc’s vile intentions to make her his wife, and to destroy the Gruffydd clan forever, however Connor and Rachel’s connection was stronger than time itself, and would not surrender easily.
Galen's Child is book number 4 in the Conwy series, preceded by the prologue, short story, Black Irish, Rhuddlan, Conwy and Pádraig.

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