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The Face of Despair

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The Face of Despair - The Dark Side of Humanity is not
just about despair or a person in the act of despairing.
It offers the correct meaning of the despair. The Face
of Despair has a voice; a person facing a despairing occurrence
is never silent. The words of despair may not be shouted
but the person does utter his/her lamentations as their
feelings of self despair increase. I’ve been a behavioral
scientist for over 30-years. And as a behavioral scientist,
I have seen the “dark side” of humanity and the evil that
permeates this world. I have counseled this broken humanity
– the substance abuse addicts, the sexual predators, child
molesters, rapists, criminal elements, the lost, the abused,
and the desperate that have simply given up. I am often
asked “Why do you do this? What drives you to look into
the abyss of depravity and blackness daily?” which is often
followed by the questions, “Do you really think you are
doing any good? Is it working?” As a caregiver, I rarely
think about those questions nor is my work quantitative.
I am simply a part of the whole...a foot soldier that is a
part of an army of caregivers worldwide. And I truly
believe the “whole” is carrying the fight to the demons
of the darkness that choose to wreak havoc and chaos in
people’s lives. My goal and purpose for writing this
treatise is not to solicit a donation or anything pecuniary
from my readers. Yes, I want something from you...I want
your awareness. The evening news brings into our living
rooms daily many of the evil things happening in our world
but as long as what is happening is someplace other than
where we are, we stay within our comfort zone of complacency
and are content within the status quo that we have created
within our own world. The Face of Despair is heart-wrenching
and graphic. It will change the way you view the world.
Like G.K. Chesterton once said, what is wrong with the
world? I am!"

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