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Destiny...How humanity’s arrogance will lead to nature’s ultimate response.

“Don’t start this book if you have anything urgent to do! You won’t be able to put it down. Dr. Peter Petersen’s discovery of bacteria designed to clean up oil spills promises a solution to environmental disaster, but when it is released prematurely, it threatens to end the world as we know it. Wild adventures at sea, geopolitical crisis, a frantic race to avert calamity—all are made human by the story of two brilliant but estranged brothers, grappling with their past. To top it all, there’s the story of first love in the face of an impending catastrophe. This is a rip-roaring thriller with a heart.”
--Rebecca Pepper Sinkler – former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Book Review

“Big ideas, rich characters, seamless storytelling, and the scent and heave of the sea--it's all here in this powerful debut novel by Carl Howe Hansen. With Destiny, Carl starts mapping out his own as one of our best...”
--Richard Adams Carey, author of Against the Tide, Philosopher Fish, and Ravens Children.

Eminent biologist Dr. Peter Petersen reached the pinnacle of his career when he created a bacterium to neutralize oil spills. When a military contractor uses their version of his discovery for the first time, something goes horribly wrong. Could his life’s work be responsible for the chain reaction ending modern civilization? Despite the uncertainty, he is still the president’s choice to lead the effort “to defeat the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.” Meanwhile, his estranged brother may possess the means for their family’s survival...and humanity’s salvation.
Amidst the ensuing chaos, a long-held family secret haunts twenty-two-year-old Kendra Petersen. By sea and land, she and three generations struggle toward reconciliation, their rescue...and our destiny.

A portion of the author's proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Island Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes community sustainability on Maine’s islands.

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