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Length: 225 pages3 hours


Kenelm Sutton, a retired military officer and a survivor of Waterloo, hears that a young lady of Quality is going to be auctioned off at a brothel. The other interesting tidbit that he gathers is that the woman in question may also be a Daughter of Lilith, just as he and his lover, Alistair Temple, Earl of Ravenwood and famous rake, are also Lilith’s Sons. Though they hide in plain sight, the Children of Lilith are hybrid human/incubi/succubi.

When the two men investigate the rumor, they find that it is true. They purchase Harriet Stanville with the cash in their pockets. But all is not quite what it seems. Ravenwood and Sutton were never supposed to be there at that auction, let alone make off with the prize. Someone wants Harriet. Someone wants more than Harriet; they want Ravenwood’s attention. Evil is abroad and the three new lovers are its target.

In a timeline a breath away from ours, the lives of the descendants of Lilith are complicated. But with courage, flexibility, lust and joy, love is there for them to share.

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