Kute Kuddly Koalas

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Kute Kuddly Koalas

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These "Teddy Bears" are guaranteed to keep student interest at its highest in this science and language arts unit of study. Major topics are: What Do Koalas Look Like?, Where Do Koalas Live?, What Do Koalas Eat?, Food, How Do Koalas Move?, Do Koalas Hibernate?, Koala Cubs, and Enemies. Each lesson includes a spelling activity, a brainstorming activity, a study of new words, work in the student booklet, a writing activity, work at the learning center and a parent page. Includes group word cards, individual word cards, learning center checklist and activities, spelling words, unit quiz and evaluation. This Animal Science lesson provides a teacher and student section with a variety of reading passages, lessons, activities, crossword and word search to create a well-rounded lesson plan.
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