Cogent Comments: Thoughts on Education, Politics, and Culture

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Cogent Comments: Thoughts on Education, Politics, and Culture

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Words. Thoughts. Arguments. Expository essays. Personal confessions. These are the honest, unscripted, and politically incorrect opinions of educator and activist, Bob Howitt, on the issues of our time ... Drugs ... money ... football ... the belief that America is God’s gift to the universe ... alcohol ... sex ... smart phones ... futbol ... Justin Bieber ... cappuccino ... astrology ... yard sales ... rap music ... beauty ... religion ... the lottery ... television ... coffee ... global warming ... eating large quantities of food.

"As we say on the Lower East Side, 'Mr. Howitt, not bad!'" -- Michael Zisser, CEO, University Settlement Society, The Door

"I haven’t always agreed with Bob’s position on issues presented through his essays or other works, but even then, I’ve been left with a better understanding of his reasoning thanks to his skillful formulation of the counter-view to my own beliefs." -- Javier Marin, former Mayor of Dover, New Jersey

"To know Bob Howitt and to experience his wit, his humility, his genius and his generosity is a blessing." -- Michaele P. White-Risbrook, MPH, FNP, RNC

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