Tales of the Golden Judge: 3-Book Bundle - Books 10-12

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Tales of the Golden Judge: 3-Book Bundle - Books 10-12

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Innocent Days – Book 10
Tonna, the daughter of the fox clan of shape changers, and Ulfrik, prince of the wolf shapechangers, have been nursing a romance for three years. At every annual festival, they flirt, they feud, and now perhaps they are ready to take the next step. Their romance is troubled, however, by the dark shade of Ulfrik's father's advisor, and the curse that he carries. Tonna and Ulfrik are drawn together, but can they make their way through the dark machinations that this man has in store for them?

Dangerous Quests – Book 11
Five years later, Tonna and Ulfrik are the leaders of their respective clans of shapechangers, and after the tragedy that occurred when they were last lovers, they approach each other with mistrust, caution and longing. Their mutual attraction will not let them stand apart, but coming together could mean tragedy for both of their families. This time, Tonna's beloved cousin Aja is the one caught up in a dangerous game, and Tonna and Ulfrik are brought to the point of no return.

Judges Ascendant – Book 12
Tonna and Ulfrik are on a quest to find Tonna's abducted cousin Aja, but after a battle with a monster that is more powerful than either of them imagined, it might be that Aja has to save them both instead. Tonna, Ulfrik and Aja discover the forgotten powers of their kind locked away in a desolate tower, and together they learn the elemental magical arts that will set them apart forever. Tonna must face her feelings and suffer a loss that she never imagined.

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