Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series)

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Nicolas And Daphne (The Complete Nine Part Series)

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 182 pages2 hours


How hard did you chase after your first kiss? Have you ever had a sexy neighbor?

***** "A little rebellion turns into extreme sexual satisfaction! Love Daphne telling Nicolas what to do!"
***** "The girl next door has never been so exciting! A well written and intense fantasy about everything she might being willing to do!"
***** "I fell in lust with Daphne... even if Nicolas' tools of the stretching kind are terrifying!"

Daphne may only be 19, but she's teasing Nicolas with all she's got! Can she live up to her daring taunts and is Nicolas willing to risk falling for her?

Daphne's flirting leads to sexual experiences that inspire so much more. Daphne doesn't just lose her virginity to her older neighbor - they go much, much further.

Their special relationship started with opening her eyes, spreading her wide, and plunging deep! Daphne discovers being different can mean being fantastically sexy.

Enjoy Daphne's excited exploration of stretching and double penetration at the hands of a master.
• "Nicolas And Daphne 1 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 2 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 3 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 4 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 5 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 6 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 7 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 8 (A Daphne Story)"
• "Nicolas And Daphne 9 (A Daphne Story)"

Approximately 41,000 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from the Cherish Desire Catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. Cherish Desire books contain erotica adventures featuring intense sexual situations including alternative lifestyles, perverse pleasures, and supernatural lust.

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