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Transform To Thrive: 32 Days From Victim To Superhero (A Journal Guide)

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Choose to be a superhero in your own life. See how much control you already have, starting with a single choice to no longer be a victim.

Transform yourself in 32 days using this journal guide. Everyday, spend a few moments examining a different part of your life. Use the writing exercises to change your perspective. Repeat the daily mantras to lock your new perspective in place. See the resources you have at your disposal already and recognize how you can be the hero of your story.

The contents of TRANSFORM TO THRIVE are based on a condensed process discussed in the memoir, THRIVE: HOW I BECAME A SUPERHERO. The journal can be used alone, or together while reading the memoir for a deeper impact. No matter what, it will give you a new perspective on life and a path to becoming a superhero.

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