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The Daguerreotype

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A fragile metal plate created in 1847 is found by Prof. Harry Inman in an old bookshop and becomes a pathway into a Victorian summer. A time-travel story...

Browsing in an old shop, Professor Harry Inman comes across the image of a famous hotel in Saratoga Springs, NY, taken on a fragile silvered copper plate in 1847, an actual daguerreotype that had been among the first results of early photography. The small framed image becomes an unexpected window into the past, one that pulls him literally into another time and space. It is a world that appears increasingly mesmerizing and seductive, the Saratoga Springs of grand hotels and Victorian glamour, of people strolling in summer along tree-lined boulevards that no longer exist. The music he hears enchants him. Each visit brings him welcome release from the stress and dullness of his ordinary life. Most startling, on one such visit Harry encounters the man who created the daguerreotype in the first place--who acknowledges Harry as if he knows him. How?

He doesn't have time to ask. His visits are only brief ones, and the silvered image, already corrupted, is fading. Harry has a decision to make before the image disappears.

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