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The Not-So-Holy Bible

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Since God created him, fourteen-year old Claude Tillson’s life has only gone downhill. Despite constant midnight moves and an endless march of mustached boyfriends for his mom, it was never unbearable for long. And he always had his Bible borrowed from the Gideons to help fix him. Then his mother hit a new, even deeper rock bottom, and they had to move in with his miserable Grandparents in Marietta, Georgia.

Now his mother's latest crush has offered her a job that could keep them stuck in that house forever. Claude decides he has to find the money to get them to the Promised Land in California himself. But when he turns to his grandfather for help, the answer destroys his faith and sends him off into the night. When his mother finds her son trying to hold back tears, she makes a decision that sends them on the run from everyone.

The Not-So-Holy Bible is the story of how the truth can set you free. But first it will break your heart.

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