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Chaos begins with love. This is a fact that Jackson Tide is rapidly discovering as he negotiates his increasingly chaotic life. Jack's not just a young hitman living in the emerald city of Seattle, but also a college student with dreams of teaching. Now, not only has his girlfriend mysteriously left him, but a powerful organization has hired him to take out a senator. The organization hints that there is more to Jack's past than believed. Questions arise. What is a Ferocity? Who is the enigmatic Mr. Sunset? Why did his girlfriend leave him (and was she cheating on him), can he pass his Humanities test, and is he a sociopath or just unlucky in love? Ferocity is a black comedy adventure thriller in the vein of Nick Hornby's High Fidelity meets David Sedaris meets James Bond. It's a story about relationships in the new millennium and bullets.

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