My Life is a Library: A Collection of Poetry

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My Life is a Library: A Collection of Poetry

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Length: 49 pages32 minutes


My Life is a Library contains: My Life is a Library, My Life is a Library II, Antiquated, Apple, Bag of Tricks, Bakery Art Show, Balancing Act, Blanket, Blind, Bobby Pin, Breakfast, Cant, Cat Controlled, Common to the Core, Diction, Embarrassment Issues, Escape, Etiquette, Folded, Gravel, Grumpy, Heat, Helo, Hereness, Hidden Meaning, House of Sleep, I am Grateful For (I Thank God), I am Grateful For, In Forever, In the Mend, Iowa, Land Over Iowa, Isolation, Kick of Man, Lacking Sweetness, Library, Library Books, Lights Out, Lincoln, Menopause, Mock Iceberg Recedes, MS, Nebraska is not Omaha, On Word, Ostracize, Poetry Is, Raffle, Rescue, Research, Rock Walk, Rosetta Stone, Soap Story, Solid, Solid II, Speech, Spell-Checker II, Stay in My Day, The Smell of Words, This, To Write a Novel, Train A Matter of Some Pride, Tweak, Verbally Claustrophobic, What Poetry Is Not, Women, Words are not Bits, Work, Writer of Pamphlets, Writing for Your Life, and Writing Is.

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