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The Misconception

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"The Misconception' is the first story in a series about the spiritual development of a young girl. She has latent supernatural powers that make her curious about them, but no-one else she knows seems to have any idea what she is talking about.
Or do they? Because both her grandmother and her mother do everything that they possibly can to stop Megan from finding out any more. The story shows Megan's frustration with the living, so when help comes from Beyond, she grasps it with open arms and slowly develops her supernatural powers.
It is about Megan's Awakening.
'The Misconception' is about the paranormal powers which lies in all of us, which would make them not so much paranormal as quite normal, if people were not so frightened of the supernatural, which is quite natural too.
This is a book for everyone who has ever wondered about the supernatural, paranormal or metaphysical - it is about the normal, spiritual development that all higher life have to go through in order to reach their ultimate, unavoidable destiny, however long that may take. These stories are based on fact in more ways than one.

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