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Forbidden Anthology

Length: 74 pages1 hour


Dakota Trace's Eternity

When Daniel Sun, the Protector of the China Xiamen Tiger clan, was charged with the responsibility of finding and procuring the seeds of the ancient peach tree, he realized his mission would not be easy. He finds out just how difficult when he runs into Xiwangmu’s protectress, Eternity. She will do anything to protect the very thing he’s been asked to steal, including murder. When Xiwangmu offers him a deal, seduce her granddaughter and get her with child and she’d willingly give the seeds to him, he’s torn between his human side and that of his cat. While he finds Eternity sexier than hell, he has only one small problem; his cat wants to claim the wild tigress who’s Eternity’s protector. How can he pick one of over the other? Or will the Gods shine on him, and let him claim both under the sacred Peach tree?

Ana Star's Sweet Strawberry

Misha has a secret crush on Tania. Every time she helps her out with her reading assignment, she dreams of making love to her. Will her dreams become a reality?

Millie Andersen's Oranges for Apples

Mirka and her boss have something going on. They are both attracted to each other but they are opposites and out of each other's league.

Will something this forbidden be worth consuming?

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