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Loramendi's Story: Lords of Shifters, #1

Length: 227 pages2 hours


Revised with new scenes and re-released in 2015!

Seventeen-year-old Lora has plans and knows how her future should pan out. But the future is a finicky thing and has an agenda of its own.

After high school graduation Lora wants to move far away from the ridiculous rules and restrictions of her godmother, and to live as a writer with her best friend in Seattle. She always felt uncomfortable in the small town she grew up in and knows that once she reaches Seattle, she’ll find people like her, writers and artists who understand her plight.

When Lora falls for a hot new windsurfer in town, she learns his life is like a fairytale story similar to the fiction she enjoys writing. At the time he tells her that she’s a long lost princess, a shapeshifter, and in danger from an evil lord wanting to kill her, her godmother abandons her, and she’s forced to go along with tales he’s telling and leave all she knows behind. After all, she always wanted to live around people like her, she just assumed they’d be human.

Can she embrace the life of the leader she was born to be, battle an evil lord, and end lives to save a land she knows nothing about, or will this story she’s living end badly?

Lords of Shifters:

Loramendi's Story, Spider Wars, Dark Horse, and Death Touch

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