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Family Resort

Length: 525 pages6 hours


Olivia Noble Sherman has had a long career at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Hotel, working her way up from the kitchen to become the head of the conventions and banquets department. Her past seems to have caught up to her when she learns that her only aunt and uncle can no longer operate the family inn back home in Seaside, Oregon. She flies to Los Angeles where her three sisters live to share Uncle Sam's letter and the conditions of his Will. She has decided the time is right to leave New York to revitalize the Bayside Inn and Resort. The opportunity is also present to breathe new life into the careers of her sisters and their children as well. Each member of the family is confronted with a dilemma that needs to be resolved before they can move on. They are united under one roof next door while they tackle the demolition and renovation of the resort property. Younger sister Robin has been given the chance by her television network to document the transformation of both the family resort and the family as they start a new chapter in their lives together as a reality TV series. This endearing family will fascinate readers with their Noble conquest.

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