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Words And Its Power

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For many, writing a phrasebook make seem senseless. However, these phrases are based on everyday life situations and they can have the value and importance that someone wants them to even though they seem to be meaningless.
Reflection, advice, love and even heartbreak; phrases have the strength to lift and raise the self-esteem of those who read them.
Phrases can influence people in a way that can cause a sprout of deepest feelings of a human being to such an extent that it can bring joy or even make them feel pleasure.
Everyone’s situation are different and also very similar and when the phrases are heard or read many easily assimilate them to their own life events.
This somehow raises their self-esteem in such a positive way to an extent that they begin to see life from a very different point of view and even begin to find ways to shift their lives towards a healthier place.
It is encouraging to know that phrases can influence so positively on the lives of many people. That's why I have the audacity and urgency to translate them into this book.
I discovered that in some weird way when I write the phrases, not only do I feel joy but also my family enjoys them. In addition, my friends share with me that it makes them feel that they can consider them as part of their lives and even; consider putting them into practice to help them find a better sense of their existence and explore what they truly feel, desire and love.
The phrases written in this first book have nothing out of the ordinary, they are simple based on reality and everyday life.
They have been inspired with a huge desire to please my readers; and with the knowledge that *whatever one sets out to do, it can come into reality; and if failure can be an option, there’s still joy to know that I have tried. *.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Jose Licona.

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