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Almost Sisters

Length: 557 pages9 hours


Set against the turbulent background of Fleet Street in the greed-is-good 1980's, Almost Sisters explores the love-hate relationship between Vivi, a cynical go-getting journalist, and Gemma, her unassuming but equally ambitious half-sister. When their father dies, destroying the fragile bridge between his two dysfunctional families, sibling rivalries resurface as Gemma and Vivi are propelled into a battle for control of The Courier, a failing broadsheet — Gemma by marrying her way into wealth and power and Vivi through a dangerous liaison with a ruthless American entrepreneur with hidden agenda. Both women will find themselves caught in traps of their own making. But escape carries a price which seems too high to pay.As events spiral out of control, shocking family secrets are laid bare, unleashing years of suppressed emotions and setting in motion an unstoppable chain of events. The resulting scandal, bloodshed and heartbreak will change both Gemma's and Vivi's lives for ever.‘She writes with energy and imagination, creating compellingly complex characters and a plot so fast moving there’s never a dull moment’ – London Evening StandardOriginally published by Random House.

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